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My Deliciously Infatuated Television Musings
Fan Fictions About My Favorite Leading Ladies
Do No Harm - Chapter Two 
25th-Aug-2014 08:00 pm
Tara, promo shoot

Do No Harm

Chapter Two

Wendy Teller had overdosed the night before.

Or, perhaps, someone had attempted to murder her.

The jury – i.e. the hospital review board – was out. They were still investigating. Crank again, the woman claimed that she had a friend slip the drugs inside to her, but the dosage had been too large for an addict to be merely looking for a high, and Wendy had not seemed suicidal when interviewed by psych. However, there was going to be one person who wasn't surprised by the overdose – the same person who referred to her own daughter-in-law as a junkie whore.

Gemma Teller-Morrow.

Abel's grandmother was angry, and she had made it abundantly clear that she would do anything to protect her family. She already hated Wendy for risking Abel's life. If she believed the addict to be a continuing risk to her grandson's safety and health or even a risk to Jax in retaining sole custody, then Tara had no doubt that Gemma would be willing to kill. After all, she had threatened Tara for talking to Jax; she'd hate to think how Gemma would treat the woman who had taken her son away by marrying him. And Gemma certainly had the means and opportunity as well. Money was no object, and, if ever there was someone who knew how to get what she wanted – illegal drugs included, it would be Gemma Teller-Morrow.

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